Making a Swing

Introduction: Making a Swing

Here's my instructable to make a swing that you can use everywhere you want, it's light, easy to pack and easy to set up. you can install it on any tree you want. The advantage of my swing is that you can unroll it and use it as a kind of hammock. In the first picture the swing is closed and in the second one it's unrolled and ready to use!

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Step 1: Materials

To make the swing you need:

1 board of mdf wood 1m*1m*2cm

Strong rope that can hold a person

4 carabiners

6 eye bolts 40*20*5

2 natural wood cilinders

2 sheets ( you can use old sheets, just make sure it's strong enough)

2 small wheels ( see the picture above )

3 clasps ( see the picture above )

16 screws 3.5*16

fabric glue

Step 2: Sawing the Board and Drilling Holes

  • Saw the MDF board in 2 pieces of 60*8cm
  • Drill holes for the 3 eye bolts and the 2 wheels in the first board and do the same for the other one but without drilling the holes for the 2 wheels. Make sure the eye bolts are evenly spread across the board (see picture above)
  • Put the eye bolts in place and position the wheels just next to 2 eye bolts on both ends of the board.

Step 3: Attaching the Rope

  • After securing the eye bolts and the 2 wheels on the first board and the eye bolts on the second it's time to attach the rope.
  • Drill 2 holes on each board for the rope to go through. Position them next to the eye bolts on both ends.
  • Put the rope through from the side where the eyebolts are placed and you should have two ends of the rope on the top side of each board
  • Make a bowline knot

Step 4: Putting the Cilinders Through the Eyebolts

  • Now it's time to put the wooden cilinders in the eyebolts and secure them
  • Just slide each cilinder in and tighten the eye bolt in the center so that the stick can't escape from the board
  • If you've done everything right, one board has a rotating wooden cilinder because of the weels and the other is secured and tightened on the other board

Step 5: Attaching the Fabric to the Cilinders

  • Make sure you have two even pieces of cloth to attach to the wood.
  • Take the screws and screw the fabric into the cilinders, 4 screws per side of each cloth.
  • I've also used glue to make sure that it doesn't break.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: make sure you're fabric can support your weight! And if you want to reinforce it even more, attach rings to the fabric so it can't rip.

Step 6: Attaching the Clasps

Attach two clasps on top of the board on each end and attach one clasp at the bottom of the swing where the eyebolts are. Now you can take your swing anywhere without it falling apart.

Step 7: Final Step

  • Connect the bowline knots you've made on each side with the carabiners.
  • Take two pieces of rope and make bowline knots on each side and attach another carabine on one side of each rope, throw one side in the tree and attach the other side to your swing. Do this for each side and adjust the height by adjusting the rope.

There you go: your own personal swing you can take anywhere with you!


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    5 years ago on Introduction

    How does one use the hammock/fabric part of this? Do you have a photo of it in use as a hammock?