Making a Transparent Icon for Youtube Channel Branding

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In this instructible I demonstrate how to make a "transparent" image to use as a "branding" icon for your Youtube channel. Actually the process makes the background of the chosen photo or image transparent not the object itself. Including the branding icon on your Youtube videos makes it a little easier and perhaps a little more enticing for viewers to subscribe to your channel. The icon appears in the upper left area of the video and when you hover over the icon with the cursor you are essentially invited to subscribe to the channel. The instructions here apply to Mac computers.



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    Mr AbAk

    3 years ago

    Nice but please make it more clear and descriptive ....

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    nlinventorMr AbAk

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Mr AbAk - perhaps you are using a smart phone... if so some important annotations (inserted at the Youtube video level) will not appear on it. Also the video is intended for those with some basic knowledge of using iPhoto, Preview, and of course Youtube.

    Mr AbAknlinventor

    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes you are true we use a smartphone...