Making an Amazing Paper Box




These instructions will teach you how to make an amazing paper box in less than five minutes! All you will need is a piece of paper, a pair of scissors, a hard surface to make good folds on, and your hands.

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Step 1: Crossing the Paper Over

 1. Take an 11 1/2in x 8in piece of paper, grab the top left corner, pull it diagonally towards the bottom right side of the paper and line up the top edge with the right edge of the paper.

a.       When the top edge of the paper is lined up with the right edge, make the diagonal crease while pushing down on the paper.

Step 2: Make the Good Crease

2.  When the top edge of the paper is lined up with the right edge, make the diagonal crease while pushing down on the paper.

Step 3: Cutting Off the Extra

3. Take scissors and cut off the excess strip of paper that is not part of the fold.

Step 4: Folding Diagionally the Other Way

4a. Next, re-open the paper and fold the paper diagonally the other way while lining up the edges of the paper.
                     b. Make a good crease and then re-open again.

Step 5: Folding Corners to the Middle

5a.  Now fold all of the corners of the paper into the middle where the two creases cross each other.

b.   Make sure to get all of the tips of each corner to touch that middle point.

Step 6: Opening Two Corners Back Up

 6. Next, pull back the top and bottom folds while leaving the left and right folds still folded down.

Step 7: Folding to the Middle

 7a.  Now, fold the top edge over the folded part so that the top edge of the paper touches the crease running down the middle.

                     b. Repeat the same fold with the right edge.

Step 8: Folding Good Creases

8a.  Now take the bottom left corner and fold it up towards the top edge of the paper until it just touches the top edge and then make your diagonal crease. (Note: The bottom left corner that you folded up should make a 90 degree angle with the top edge of the paper.)

                    b. Open that fold back up and do the same thing with the top left corner of the paper, only this time fold it down towards the  bottom edge of the paper.

                   c. After the crease is made open the fold back up.

                   d. Now do the same thing with the top and bottom corners of the right side.

Step 9: Opening Up the Side Walls

9. Now open up halfway the left and right folds that you folded in towards the middle in step 7.

Step 10: Pusing Down and In


  10a. On the creases that are on the bottom part of the paper, take your thumbs and pointer fingers and grab just above them on the left and right side.

                    b. Next push in and down on those creases until the corners just almost touch in the middle.

Step 11: Pushing Down With Pointer Fingers

11. When the corners touch down let go with your thumbs and push down with your pointer fingers on the part of the paper that they are holding onto.

Step 12: Folding the Wall Up and Over

12a.  Finally, while still holding the flaps with your pointer fingers, use your thumbs to grab the back side of the of the bottom part of the paper and push it up and over those flaps that are touching in the middle

            b.  As you push up and over with your thumbs, let go with your pointer fingers and use them to help your thumbs push the paper up and over the flaps.

            c.  Repeat steps 10-12 for the other side of the box and you will end up with your awesome, new paper box!

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