Making an Extra Large Brand, to Brand Things.

Here's a quick easy way to make a nice big brand so everyone will know what's yours.

Step 1: Here's What You'll Need.

- Sheet metal, I used 20 gauge, it's not flimsy, but can still be easily bent.
- Metal bandsaw
- Sheet metal break
- Metal Bender
- Welder, MIG, TIG, or Oxy

Step 2: Fabricating the "letters" of You Signature

- I used the finger break to put two 90 degree bends to form the first part of my signature.

- Next I used a Hossfeld metal bender to make the "C" (and one of the only legitimate letters) in my signature.

- Using Hossfeld I got as close to a complete circle as I could, then finished the rest by hand. Then wraped the "O" in a pipe clamp to hold it's form while welding.

- I then used a metal band saw to put a few slices in the sheet metal in order to join the horizontal and vertical "plus" intersections.

- Lastly I bend a strip of sheet metal lengthwise at a 90 degree angle for rigidity.

Step 3: Assembly and Welding

I assembled the "letters" of my signature (be sure to set it up as a mirror image).

Weld it together, I used a MIG welder to tack the brand together.

Step 4: Now You Have a Very Large Brand.

Finally I can brand the extra large things I have needed to brand.



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