Making a One Slide INstaComic

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This shows you how to make an Instacomic. A InstaComic is a comic strip that is for instagram, in a one slide structure, similar to the classic works of the NY Times comic strips.

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Step 1: Coming Up With a Good Idea.

So brainstorm, however you usually brainstorm. Think about something you're familiar with or passionate about, something you would wan't to bring more exposure to, or just something that is just funny as hell, like farts, farts are always funny.

Step 2: Wait for That Idea.

Let it hit the crap out of you. The Idea that is, and develop it.

Step 3: A Sketch of Your Concept.

Sketch out your characters, play around with them a little, give them individual personalities, think about how they go to the bathroom, how they fall, how they drool when they sleep...or is that just me?

Step 4: Now Write.

You're gonna need some jokes to connect to your characters to complete the comic strip or write.

Step 5: Write Some More...

Keep going...Its not hard work.

Step 6: Seriously, Keep Writing...

Keep writing, reiterating, writing, trashing ideas, developing ideas and more. Even find some friends to look over your work. Critiques are tough, but they help.

Step 7: Enough Ideas?

When you have enough jokes and ideas for comics, make sure you are comfortable with your own work...but who are we kidding, of course you're comfortable with your own work.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Own Work.

When you're in love with your work, and cant stop laughing at it, after those previous steps, then its time to move to the next step.

Step 9: Next Draw.

Now you get to draw the scenes for your jokes...and maybe draw those crazy dollar signs and your name inside of a heart with someone else's name...for example mine will be "DEMI+CHEESEBURGERS 4 EVA!!"

Step 10: Draw a Lot.

You're going to want to draw a lot, just to practice and reiterate. Make them simple, because you only have one slide to get your point across.

Step 11: Reiterate!

Keep reiterating and get those final touches in order..I know I know, drawing is soooo hard.

Step 12: Your First Comic Is Finished!

Show your friends, and laugh and laugh and laugh....then stop laughing, because it probably wasn't that funny.

Step 13: Scanning

First figure out how to use the damn scanner...then scan your work of fart.

Step 14: Create an Instagram Account.

Create an Instagram account for your comic strip. come up with a cool original name like....CSI: Wyoming, or something catchy like that.

Step 15: Post Your Comic!

Post your comic to your Instagram page. You can find out how to post a picture from another Instructable...I'm paying it forward.

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