Making Archery Equipment, Glue Joints


Introduction: Making Archery Equipment, Glue Joints

I discuss glue joints and a simple way to fancy up a bow handle.



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    I don't get it I see just a pic and one sentence but if there was an ible to see let me know because I make custom bows and like all ibles about them

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    Not sure what the problem is. the picture has a play button and you simply click the picture. I tried it on my computer just now and the link is active. There is no written how to because it is all in the video.

    Very nicely done. Excellent tips!

    Have you considered doing a full step-by-step write-up for any of your projects? Projects shared in that format tend to get a lot more attention on this site, and if done in conjunction with a great video can generate a lot of looks and click-throughs to your channel. Just a thought. :)

    Keep up the good work!

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    Thanks. I will definitely consider doing that. The videos them selves take much more work than simply writing down steps though. They are much more detailed as well since you can see what is being done. No guess work.