Making Cheap Tabletop LED Mood Candle (Improved)




LED is now an alternative replacement for tabletop candles. Its safer, worry free and reusable but expensive.

This instructable is aimed to create an LED tabletop candle using recyclable materials that is as functional and as elegant as those available in the market.

What makes a LED work? Inside each LED is a small bit of chemical that when electrons are passed through, it emits radiation.

By changing this chemical compound, you can in effect change the wavelength emitted - infrared, green/blue/red, near-ultraviolet, etc.

LED uses a passage of electron from a polarized chemical which in effect makes it
directional (or Direct Current DC).

MULTIPLE COLOR LED uses different chemicals that is interconnected in succession depending on the relation of its polarity. Basically there are only three main color RED, BLUEand YELLOW(GREEN). RANDOM combine illumination produces all other spectrum, as for example RED and YELLOW produces ORANGE; BLUE and YELLOW produces GREEN and so on and so forth.

An RGB LED or MULTI COLOR LED is actually three single color LEDs (Red, Green and Blue) combined into a single package. Because of this controlling it is very similar to controlling a single color LED.

Step 1: Organizing

1. Gather all necessary available materials. I'm using materials from recyclable gift wrapper and ornaments I've kept from past occasion. I bought my LED light from local electronic store, cost me 10 pesos Php. The 3 LR44 batteries cost me 45 pesos Php.

Light Part                                              Candle case                                         Tools
1. Changing color LED                     1. white frosted cylinder case           1.adhesive or
2. 3x LR44 button battery                      (plastic or glass)                              scotch tape.
3. 1/2 inch aquarium hose                  I'm using a watch case                    2. scissor
4. soda plastic cap (white)               2. Ribbons, ornamental
5. pinch of talcum powder                     strings or lace
                                                               3. Small plastic plants

Step 2: Making the Light Source (LED)

1.Carefully puncture a LED size hole on the plastic cap using the scissor.

2. Insert the LED wire and form a "Y" shape from the wire inside the cap (preparing to accept the battery).

3. Cut one end of the aquarium hose to form an arrow shape and sprinkle talcum powder inside the hose making it diffused white.

4. Insert the hose carefully to the LED head.

5. Combine the 3x LR44 Battery observing proper polarity using the scotch tape.

6. Place the battery between the LED wire inside the cap, again observing proper polarity
( Observe the LED Head closely, inside there is an ANVIL shape part which is the cathode or the negative part, which make the other part the anode or the positive part. ) then secure with tape that is place parallel the cap lid.

7. Test by slightly twisting LED head until light turns on.

Step 3: Creating the Ornamental Case

1. Artistically secure the plastic leaves ornament near the bottom part of the frosted cylinder using a scotch tape. ( or placing it as desired)

2. encircle few gold string around the cylinder to hide the tape, making a knot at the center of the plastic leaves forming a whisker.

3. encircle a red lace around the cylinder along with the gold string knot and form a small ribbon with long ends. (arrange artistically as desired).

Step 4:

Turn on the light source and insert in the ornamental case..


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    it was chosen by the moderator, maybe because, I did use a tape to attached many things and its an adhesive.


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    I really like the looks of this wish i had seen it before our reception you got my vote :)
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    i have to ask my friend from US to know the meaning of "crack". your so naughty.. its not crack i assure, thanks very much friend


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    thank you very much.. LR44 was the only cheapest battery available here and can fit readily inside the cap.., and beside color changing LED requires a good boost of current.