Making Costumes With My Son Matt

So the first costume changes were made.....light up arc reactor for a store bought costume...the seed was planted. Then he stepped it up next year and asked me to make him Godzilla...short notice and too much to do at work limited me a bit but I think the overall effect was awesome (only 14 hrs of work went into it). Then he year I want to be a Transformer that transforms.....we did that but the results could have been better. For the next Halloween he went easy on me and we made him Vegeta from Dragonball Z....good but not great......Keep in store bought stuff...all handmade so the skills have to improve for this 11 yr old but we are working on it......This year will be "black ops" theme but we are gearing up to make Iron man full costume for next year( with a full year to work) and possibly "alien" for myself...we will see.....

I have also added photos of other costumes I have made...Ghost rider, Joker, and one of my favorites....Mini Gene Simmons. I made an exact replica of Gene's farewell tour costume....he saw her and had VIP backstage passes sent to her. We went backstage and the first thing out of his mouth when he saw her was, "I have been doing this for over 30 years and nobody has ever done that." He spent 1 1/2 hrs talking to my 6yr old daughter.



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