Making Harry Potter Glasses

Introduction: Making Harry Potter Glasses

if you're a harry potter fan but don't want to spend money on store bought costume glasses then you found the right instructable.with a few house hold items you can make some recycled glasses,a similar design could be used to make steampunk glasses/goggles.

Step 1: Materials

you'll need :

corrugated cardboard

cereal box(or similar cardboard)




glad wrap plastic

electrical tape

a small circle to make the bridge



Step 2: Measure the Cardboard

measure a line thats about 12 and a half cm long then mark the middle(about 6 cm).then get your roll of electrical tape to draw a circle on either side then join them with a line using the ruler so its straight then making sure your circle is on the middle of the line draw the top half of it this is your bridge make a second line a round everything make sure its thick enough to be strong.The back support thingies(very scientific) are about 11 and a half cm long try to make a nice curve around the ear.

Step 3: Cut It Out

after you cut everything out trace the shape onto the cereal box and cut that out also cut some small tabs and bend them 90 degrees these will be the hinges.

Step 4: Glue the Lenses

take the glad wrap and cut to pieces approximately the size of the lenses.then glue them onto the frame try not to get glue onto the plastic in the middle.Then get the cereal box cut out and put it on top.I used pegs to keep it all together but you can use some heavy books.When its all dried up then you can cut off the extra plastic.

Step 5: Finishing Up

put electrical tape or paint everything then glue the tabs on.Voila,its finished now you can go show off to your fellow harry potter fanatics

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    5 years ago

    Another way you could do this is by using wire as the frame and bending it to fit your need. Great idea for the glasses hinge!