Making License Plate Bracket

I made it at TechShop! Check them out

Step 1: Cut Sheet Metal Into Strips

Using a template and a metal shear, cut sheet metal into strips.

Step 2: Cut Strips to Size

Using your template cut your strip to size.

Step 3: Mark Mounting Points

Using a template and center punch, mark all points to be punched.

Step 4: Punch Mounting Holes

Punch out marking points with a turret punch.

Step 5: Sand Down Corners

Sand down corners using a disk sander.

Step 6: Bending

Bend your bracket using a box and pan brake.

Step 7: Sand and Clean

To prep for painting, sand blast metal.

Step 8: Paint

Powder coat and bake bracket.

Step 9: Enjoy!

Marvel at your newly made license plate bracket :)



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