Making Saw Dust Bedding for Your Chickens Using Kitty Litter

follow the next step.

Step 1:

For this tutorial I use feline fresh pine kitty litter to make saw dust bedding for my chickens. You also need a bucket and water.



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    4 years ago

    An alternate source would be pellet stove pellets. Cheaper, tho you may have to buy in larger quantities.
    A couple of notes:
    I've worked in commercial egg laying operations. You should wear a dust mask while handling the litter, not dust germs.
    If you had two beds with of sawdust, you can leave one to sun dry/decontaminate. Over time you'll get mites in the bedding. Leaving it to dry and be exposed to UV, kills them.

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    dry conditions and UV kills Mites? Good to know. I may be in for a challenge as far as dry goes. You have to have gills to live in Florida.

    frank b

    4 years ago

    Equine bedding is even cheaper, it's pine pellets like the cat litter but a 50 pound bag for $6 at tractor supply or other agriculture supply stores.

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