Making the Big Baby From Hell Boy

Introduction: Making the Big Baby From Hell Boy

its a not to hard of a project but you will need a lot of patience!

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Step 1: Materials

-flour water (paper mache)
-pipes (plumbing)
-card board
-hot glue gun and sticks
-random hardware (hinges and screws mainly)
-wood stain
-Scotch tape duck tape ect.
-Toy Gun Handle
-Old Belt

Step 2: Step 1

First you need to trace the handle on to a piece of wood
and cut it out when its done sand it down so that its smooth enough for you then sand it even more

Then cut the black tubes about 18 cm or if you prefer your gun to be bigger then cut them a different size if your tubes have a big size difference you must cut them so they are exactly alike

once you have cut the black tubes you then must glue them together

Then put paper mache over the tubes covering up the glue and also making the outside stronger

Step 3: Step 3

You can choose to do this step now or later if you choose

to make the bullets you take 6 used batteries rap them in duck tape or masking tape and then paper mache

then add 2 other layers of duck tape or masking tape

and at last paint them once the paint has dried draw a baby bottle and a dot at the gold end and


you have a Big Baby Bullet

Step 4: Step 4

while you where waiting for the bullets to dry take the plumbing pipes and cut six of them to the right length then paper mache them together but to hold it while paper macheing use hot glue, then wait till its dry and paint it black make sure there around the sise shown in picture 5

while the paint is drying take your handle and stain it a medium brown color.

while the stain and the paint are drying take the old toy gun and take it apart then take the cocking thingy out, now go back to your stain and finish it off, once the stain is done get your cokcing thingy and saw of the tip

now take a screw good enough to fit through the cocking thingy and into the handle you can paint it grey if you want before you put it on

Step 5: Step 5

Cover the end of the barrel with a fat piece of cardboard then paint it black

You know how we said you needed cardboard well this is when you need it first take four pieces of cardboard and put them together like a small helmet then put the paper mache over that let it dry

then wrap it in tape (duck tape ,scotch tape ect.) then paint it black

Then but Drill a hole in each little tub where you want the bullets to stop if you want the outside to be all black then paint the outside part of the screw black or the colour your gun is!

Step 6: Step 6

putting it together, ok our gun so far consists of three main parts the handle, the barrel, and the back

ok to put them together you have to attach the barrel to the handle by using a hinge from the random hardware
Then you must attach the Helmet of sorts to the pipes we used a paper clip you could also use string or tape ect.

Step 7:

Take a old belt and remove the metal parts

Then drill holes at the tips

Next take a piece of string and put it through one of the holes

do the same for the other side

Then drill a hole in the back of the handle and front of the gun

use a hardware (like the one in the picture) piece and put the string through it

Voila your done!

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    6 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, man... Good effort laurent123 for a down and dirty project. I made my Big Baby for a Halloween Costume and spent probably the best part of 2 months worth of free time on it!
    This is a tough project to do right unless you have lots of workshop equipment. I did it with a few household tools and a workbench. I did get a router to add to my modest collection of power tools, but basically it was just painful to get done. I guess I'm going to have to submit my Big Baby Instructable now. I've been putting it off because it's so much work to document, but I did take pictures throughout the whole process.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Your woodcutting skills are really good, but I'm not sure why you wanted to paper mache the gun - the PVC pipe, wood stock & pump lever would really work fine on their own...

    Otherwise, nice job!
    The only real criticism I have is that you might look into picking up a c-clamp for a trigger guard - or make one out of craft foam or coat hanger wire (reinforced with hot glue).


    9 years ago on Introduction

    im not trying to be mean or anything and i noticed tht if thts u holding the stuff up tht your arnt very old (im only 14 myself ) but i cant really even tell what tht is in the end but ill give u a 5 for trying i mean thts pretty good and creative for someone so young lol im gunna feel completely stupid if tht isnt u and its like your son or something lol


    10 years ago on Step 1

     dude, i have that exact same shotgun.