Making the Connecting Plugs for Macbook and IPhone Charger Interchangeable




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All those who have a macbook and a mac charger for your iPhone know the problem: the connecting piece for your socket-outlets *should* be interchangeable, but only the short, direct plug piece really is. The piece with the cord is missing a dent. Or the mobile charger has a tiny bit too much plastic in it. That is what we are going to change. All you need is an electric hot cutter, a screw driver and a bit of patience.

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Step 1: Using the Electric Hot Cutter

  • First, lay the connection socket of your charger free.
  • Then turn on your electric cutter so the blade becomes hot enough to use.
  • Next, take your electric cutter and cautiously cut the plastic tooth in your charger's socket. The plastic only takes a few seconds to melt, so be quick.
  • Now you can either try to use your hands or easily use your screw driver to break the plastic tooth away from its bottom.
  • Try on the cord plug. If it fits, you are done – if not, just take away a tiny bit more plastic with your electric cutter.

Step 2: You Are Done

Congratulations, now your mobile charger is even more versatile than before!

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    3 years ago

    thats a good way to reuse a power cable

    dmalgJust4Fun Media

    Reply 3 years ago

    With preparing the working area ( i.e. cleaning the table) and using the hot cutter twice it took approx. 20 min.