Making the S.S. GNR (Guns N Roses)

Introduction: Making the S.S. GNR (Guns N Roses)

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I made a cardboard boat that was Guns and Roses themed. This is how I made it:

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Step 1: Getting Materials

You will need:

  • LOTS of cardboard
  • LOTS of duct tape (silver, black, red)
  • Box cutter
  • Scissors
  • Printed decals
  • Packing tape
  • Fake roses and leaves
  • Hot glue
  • Color Printer
  • Patience

Step 2: Building a Skeleton

Take two large boxes, cut off one side of each, and tape them together. I used a large box cutter, but scissors work too. Make sure that you add extra cardboard to the edges of the seam to keep them sturdily together.

Step 3: Add Reinforcement to the Bottom

I added an extra layer of cardboard to the bottom. The bottom can become very soggy and will carry the most weight, so make sure it's sturdy!

Step 4: Cut Arm Holes, Cut Top, and Add First Layer of Tape

Take a box cutter and cut off the top of the mega box. I left a small 2 inch border on the top for decorations. Also cut off two small squares on the side for your arms to dangle down and propel the boat. When you're done with that, start adding your first layer of tape.

Step 5: Naming Your Boat and Adding More Tape

I used another color of duct tape (red) to spell out the name of my boat, the S.S. GNR (Guns n' Roses). I also added more layers of duct tape (2-4) to the sides. Make sure you really tape up the bottom!

Step 6: Building the Bow

I used more cardboard in triangle and rectangle shapes to build the bow. Your bow can differ from mine, but I believe that this is the most sturdy design. And of course, duct tape the heck out of that thing! I used 2-3 layers.

Step 7: Adding More Cardboard to the Inside, Taping the Inside, and Adding More Duct Tape to the Outside

On the sides of the inside, I added 2-3 more layers of cardboard and on the bottom, I think I added at least 7, but it could be more. I then taped the whole inside down. And just to be safe, I added 2 more layers of duct tape to the whole boat.

Step 8: Print Out Decals and Tape Them on

I used a color printer to print out some cool decorations. I used scissors to cut them out and used packing tape to tape it on.

Step 9: Adding Roses and Finishing Touches

I used hot glue and scissors to attach the fake roses to the corners of the boat. I also added even more duct tape just to make sure I was good.

Step 10: Have Fun!


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