Making Your Visual Studio Editor Have a Colored Background

Introduction: Making Your Visual Studio Editor Have a Colored Background

Change the background color of your code editor so that you can see better, put less strain on your eyes, or focus better.

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Step 1: Open the Dialog

Go to Tools>Options and click.

This should open a dialog that gives all the font and color options.

Step 2: Set Up the Fonts

I changed my background to black, and the plain text to be yellow, but you can do as you wish. It has been proven that some peoples brain has a distracting reaction to white on black, and so they think they are slow readers, but it can be solved just by dimming down the white color a little bit. i am one of these people, so I focus better when i have yellow on black.

Also I would suggest that you bump up the font size to 14 so you can see what you are typing better.

Step 3: Tack Your Panels

The "Properties" panel, "Solution Explorer", and "Toolbox" can take up a lot of space, and you don't use them constantly whe you are writing code, wo get them out of your way! in the top inside corner of every panel there is a little tack symbol and when you click on it, then whenever your curser is not hovering over the tab then it will auto-hide. This helps when you bumped up your font size to give you extra space.

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