Making Your Own Yu-Gi-Oh Cards.




In this instructable i will show you how to create, print and make your own playable yu-gi-oh cards!

What you will need for this instructable is:

- Photo Printer (i have HP Photosmart 5510)
- Gloss Photo Paper
- Scissors
- Glue stick
- Photoshop (or any other app that can change the resolution (PPI: pixels per inch) of an image)
- Knowledge of Print Screen.
- Patience

Step 1: Create and Print Your Card.

First of all, create the card you so desire.

Go to  and make your card.

Then, after generating your card, use print screen to copy your card to your photo editing program of your choice.
Open a blank file with 333 Pixels wide by and 493 pixels long at the resolution of 145 Pixels per Centimeters.
Copy your card onto your blank file and save it as JPG.

In photoshop, Press ''Ctrl + P'' OR go to ''File>Print'' to print your card.
Look at the screenshots to configure your printer.
When everything is set you are ready to print your card. 

Step 2: Cutting Out Your Card.

Now cut out your card. you can do it with a box cutter, but i used regular scissors.

Step 3: Fixing Your Cards.

Now we are going to ''fix'' your cards. You will need the back of a real Yu-Gi-Oh Card. 
Grab a card an peel the back off.

This is really hard. make sure you use old and useless cards, because this might fail a couple of times.

Step 4: Finish Your Cards.

Now you're one step away from creating your own Yu-Gi-Oh Card!
All you have to do is glue the printed product onto the card you fixed in step 3.

Please comment and show me what you've made! :D



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8 Discussions


Tip 19 days ago on Step 4

I would stick 'em in card sleeves to make them look a bit better


Question 11 months ago on Step 3

Why not just print the back card design on the other side?


3 years ago

Would you be able to make 3 English copies of Performage ball rider and 3 of Performage wind sucker? If so please contact me with any and all information regarding ordering these products.


3 years ago

Since you can't really fake the little shiny foil at the bottom, I peeled one of a bad card and glued it on the fake card. It tricked all of my friends


4 years ago on Introduction

I made mine a little 2 big but the back of the cards can still fit like normal dough :P


4 years ago on Introduction

I was thinking of this using photo paper for the image and then use cardstock for the rest. So in turn print the card on photo and cardstock then cut out the images and swap in the photo paper into the cardstck and use glue stick on it. the back should be there still if you do it just right and not cut through the cardstock completely.


4 years ago on Introduction

Would you be willing to make some yugioh custom cards for me? I'd be willing to pay you

Marik I.

5 years ago

Overall great job! But one thing is that in the bottom right corner of each card is that little silver holo foil, but the printer doesn't have that effect on it, just saying if you wanted to sneak that past somebody. Also, since you're using regular paper the cards you make might end up being a little more flimsy. Maybe you could print it on card stock? But overall still good job.