Makita Battery Mount


Introduction: Makita Battery Mount

Here's an easy way to get lots of battery power easily. This mount uses a Makita 18v Lithium-Ion to power your projects. Shown is the 3 amp hour battery. The 1.5 amp hour battery works as well.

Search the web for the Makita Terminal, part number 6438386. It should cost about $5.00. The terminal has .250" tabs on the back for wiring.

The file Makita Battery Mount Final.stl is attached. I used a MakerBot Replicator2 at the normal settings. No raft, with supports. It should take 1.5 hours to print. The mounting holes are for #6 screws.




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    Hello, I would like to buy a couple of these and can't find anyone selling them. Anyone here who makes them care to sell me a few?

    I ordered a bunch of these yellow connectors, will report back with the results soon, but i'm pretty sure the dimensions are the same and will work just fine even with the third contact prong

    Hi, This looks really handy for a few projects I'm working on, you have hopefully saved me a lot work! Now I just need to track down those contacts.....

    2 replies

    Anyone no how I can get a hold of this design such a good idea

    1 reply