Male Header, Alligator and TS Cable



Introduction: Male Header, Alligator and TS Cable

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This cable makes it so you can connect and swap signals between a eurorack module and the Werkstatt-01. At one end is a mono 1/8" plug to connect to a module, at the other an alligator clip and male header to connect to the Werkstatt.

It's super simple and, once you can make the connection, super funnnnn-unh.

Step 1: Materials

Ideally, you want long enough versions of these three cables so that they can be cut in half and used to make a second header/alligator - TS cable.


  • 1 x Male/Female or Male/Male header jumper wire.
  • 1 x Alligator lead
  • 1 x Audio cable with TS plug
  • heat-shrink tubing 1/16" - 1/4" in diameter


  • Soldering iron
  • Wire strippers and snips

Step 2: Cut Cables

Cut all three of the cables in half or at varying lengths. The length of these will determine the length of the final cable. Take a moment to think about how long you need the final cable to be. You may want one half to be longer than the other or the grounded alligator clips to be different lengths they don't all hit the same spot on the Werkstatt's grounding wire.

The first one I made I cut everything in half and then later realized I needed a longer TS cable.

Step 3: Strip Cable Ends

The audio cable has an insulated positive line at the core and the layer of stranded wire around that gets connected to ground. Strip and separate them from each other.

Strip about 1/2" from the jumper wire and alligator lead.

Step 4: Cut Heat-shrink and Solder

Cut Heat-shrink

Cut 3 pieces of heat shrink long enough to cover the two soldered joints and one to cover the 3-way junction. The two I used for the soldered connections ended up ~5/8" and ~1" in length for the junction.


Solder the jumper wire with the male header to the center wire. This is the audio signal. Solder the alligator lead to the outer wire, this will clip to the grounding wire on the Werkstatt.

Step 5: Heat-shrink

Push and shrink the tubing over the two soldered connections first. Next, push the tubing from the audio cable over the whole intersection, partially covering the soldered points.

Step 6: Make Noise!

You're done!

To make a connection, plug the header pin into a port on the Werkstatt and clip the alligator to the grounding wire (you will need to make one of those if you haven't already). Then plug the TS into a port on your module.

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