Male to Female MakeUp Transformation





Introduction: Male to Female MakeUp Transformation

This tutorial will guide you through everything you need to know to use make up to transform yourself from male to female.

Step 1: Prep Your Face

you must shave, wash, and prime your face.

Step 2: Gather Materials

I am using a coastal scents concealer pallet, as well as kryolan pan sticks for my foundations, you'll need a highlight color, natural skin tone, as well as contour color. Make up sponges for blending, a setting powder, eye liner, false eye lashes and glue, a contour powder, and assorted brushes.

Step 3: Highlight

Use your highlight concealer in your "T" zone to accentuate your face to be more feminine.

Step 4: Color, Contour, Blend!

add your natural skin tone all over the rest of your face,
then go in with your contour stick to contour the areas you want to receed. (cheekbones, foreheard, and nose.)

Step 5: Cook!

Set your highlighted areas with a light powder to set, and leave excess powder over to sit or "cook" to absorb all the color. then sweep excess powder off of face. go over your contour foundation with a matching powder to set those areas as well.

Step 6: Eyes

create a new crease using a black eyeliner, then smoke it out using the contour powder to diffuse the black. highlight under the brow on the bone.

Step 7: Lashes!

Once you've done both eyes, apply the false lashes to both eyes. remember to curl your lashes, and add mascara after.

Step 8: Blush, Lips, Beauty Marks

Touch up any highlight or contour powders that may have faded, add blush (1, 2, or even 3 to create skin tones). you can add beauty marks if desired, and then lips!

Step 9: Hair!

Throw on some hair, and your favorite little black dress and you're ready!



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    34 Discussions

    Hey how do you start transitioning. I need help. Please someone give me some tips. I'm a guy but I want to transition to fenale. But I'm not sure how???

    Thank you so much for this! Somebody in my life is mtf transgender and will need to know how to 'pass' while they're on HRT so they don't get murdered for being trans when they need to go out. I worry about them a lot and this is really helpful, thank you again.

    It's not fair ..... I'm already a girl and no matter how hard I try I can't look as beautiful as you ..... You're gorgeous as both a boy and girl

    2 replies

    I completely agree, I can never look that good no matter how much make up I wear

    omg. wow u do look pretty tho

    You look like the jokers girl frieand no affence

    Omg. You are absolutely gawgeous.Great tutorial too (:


    4 years ago


    You have a unique ability to find the femininity in a face, ie; you know what proportion each feature needs to be in order to erase the masculinity behind it with contouring and highlighting. It does prove that makeup DOES enhance beauty: FEMALE OR MALE. Love 2 c more!

    Tip: make the hair line more forward and in a devils line way. It looks more natural. I loved the instruct able though.

    just beautiful, i'm so jealous. ... wish I had talent like that,raking on any students (LOL


    4 years ago

    you are gorgeous!

    Love this. I can never seem to get my makeup looking that awesome and I have alot of drag friends. Always wanted them to teach me how to do my makeup. Thanks for such an awesome instructable.

    wow! i don't wear makeup. but admirer men that are great in it

    Second Mardi-Gras Instructable I stumble on within 5 minutes !…

    Must be a fad …