Maleficent Halloween Pumpkin

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Pumpkin carved into Maleficent :)

My kids love Disney characters and hence decided to do a craving based on these characters. For Halloween, I thought "Maleficent" the villainous character will be a perfect choice and thus the birth of Maleficent Halloween Pumpkin.

Do you like to know how I did this craving? The following steps and images will guide you to make one for yourself this Halloween.

Step 1: Creating the Template

The very first step is to buy a craving pumpkin followed by creating a template for our pumpkin. I brought a carving pumpkin from my usual shopping place and for the template, I drew an outline of Maleficent character using an image from my laptop. For that, I first confirmed the size I need to draw by placing a white paper over the pumpkin and roughly drew a circle with the help of my kids. This circle is where I will be drawing the outline of our character.

By noticing each images, you can follow on how I arrived at my final image of the maleficent character.

Step 2: Cleaning the Pumpkin

After our template is ready, it is time to clean up the pumpkin inside out. First, you will need to cut the top part in a random circle. Remove the top part which reveals a hole with seeds inside. Now clean it. It is easy to clean the pumpkin and I used an ice-cream scoop to remove the seeds and other stuffs from inside the pumpkin. Then, I cleaned the whole pumpkin in a running water and dried it with a clean cloth.

Step 3: Craving the Pumpkin

After creating our template, it is now time to crave the same on our pumpkin. For this, I pasted my drawing over the pumpkin with the help of the cello tape. Then, using a sharp pen knife I started to cut through the outline slowly and firmly.

As I was doing so, I found how hard is craving pumpkin was. Maybe the professionals used a special craving tool to crave these pumpkin. But, I managed to cut using my pen knife and which I found it much easier compared to my other knifes. The pen knife gave me control on what needed to be removed from the pumpkin skin. Even so, I cut of one bit of the malefiecient collar. Craving the pumpkin is definitely a difficult job but the end result gave me a satisfaction and that made my whole work rewarded. My kids were very excited to see the Disney character carved on the pumpkin and in just minutes, we were rushed out to see how it lights up in the dark.

Step 4: Light the Pumpkin

I placed a tea light inside the hole and lighted the candle. You can see it clearly from the above image.

Step 5: INSIDE - Glowing Maleficent Pumpkin

Step 6: OUTSIDE - Glowing Maleficent Pumpkin

Do you like my Maleficent pumpkin?




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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    It looks Perfect! you carved it neatly without using of any spl carving tools. I love the candle effect of pumpkin :)

    1 reply

    Thank you Bhawya! True, I just used pen knife for pumpkin carving and it was just perfect for cutting out minute details of the drawing. The whole craving actually took me about half a day :)