Maleficent Headpiece

Last year, I wanted to be Maleficent for carnival but could not find a decent headpiece - so I decided to make my own! :)

Step 1: Find Something to Attach the Horns To

I used an old fleece running cap. I had bought some cheap devils horns, but they were partly red of course, so I had to paint them black. I used high shine laquer to do this. To attach the horns to the fleece cap, I used black heavy duty tape.

Step 2: Centre Piece

I used an scrap of fake snake leather, which I cut into a square, painted it with lilac laquer - just to add some colour and I used the same heavy duty tape to secure it beween the horns on the fleece cap, rotating it to make sure it formed a triangle in the middle of the head piece. Before securing it to the cap I used the tape to conceal the cutting edges.

Step 3: Details Are Important

To get nearer to the original, I used black electric tape and created the zigzag pattern on the horns.

Step 4: Final Step - Cover Up the Tape

I used a length of elastic fake (almost rubber like) leather cloth, which I drapped "turban-like" around the cap and horns, making sure the complete (ugly) taping was covered. I do not have pictures on how I drapped it, because it was difficult enough to get it right, without having to stop to take pictures! ;) I then thought hard about how to secure the cloth without having to sew it into place, because that would have destroyed the look! Finally I settled for my trusted hot glue pistol and glued everything into place after I was satisfied with the fit!

Step 5: Ready!!

So this is the finished headpiece -of course I also built the staff, so here are some pics of that and the complete outfit as well! :)



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    3 years ago

    Great job! It looks amazing, especially with your completed costume (nice staff, too).

    4 replies

    Thank you! :D I made the staff out of two long wrapping paper rolls, one larger in diameter than the other, old newspaper & paste - to give it texture and stability - black lacquer, black and silver wire, lilac beads and some sort of portable egg shaped nightlight to make it glow in the dark ;-) and some glitter foam rubber, cut into leaves and vines and a bit of the fake leather from the headpiece to hold the top in place and cover up where I had to fix the nightlight and wire to the top of the staff with hot glue and tape!

    Ha ha, you are right, that's what I thought, why not recycle something! ;-) At first I wanted to use a wooden broom stick but with the size I wanted, I thought that would be way to heavy!

    :-) it was not from toilet paper, but gift wrapping paper, those are much much longer! would have been a short staff with just two rolls *lol*


    3 years ago

    Wow! This is amazing!!

    Thanks! :-D And because of the fleece cap it's real comfy too! I watched a lot of tutorials thinking: I am not going to able to wear that for long, without getting a headache! ;-)