Maleficent Costume Dress, Staff and Mask




I didn't take a lot of pictures while I was making this. Usually I do but I had so many failed costume attempts before this.

Step 1: The Mask

The mask was sculpted with clay, molded with Plaster of Paris and then ran with Monster Makers Latex. It is a half mask with Elastic. I used brushes and an air brush machine to paint and added glitter to the eye shadow.

Step 2: The Gown

I couldn't make this gown again if I wanted too. I used 4 yards of black cotton, 3 yards 9 purple satin and 2 yards of pink satin.

Step 3: The Staff

The staff was made using a metal pole and Styrofoam ball, painted in gold metallic acrylic paint. I glued the bird on top and painted the eyes and beak.

Step 4: The Head Piece and Extras

I painted my hands with the same color green acrylic paint and added a little latex so it would dry well and didn't rub off. I also added a black oval ring.
The headpiece was structured with cardboard. I made a black hood and glued the cardboard to it. Then wrapped it in black fabric and hot glued it.



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