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I am a landscape architect seeking full time employment in San Francisco BUT in the meantime and in between contract work and furthering my landscape career, I bake gourmet mini cupcakes! A parallel to my design career where instant gratification and happiness are shared amongst family, friends, and now you. FingerSweets as I like to call myself, drew upon the roots of my mother who was also a home baker.

Featured as part of Instructables Cupcake Competition are a favorite for anyone young and old. Mallow Chocolate Grahams take me back to my childhood (and probably many others too) around an old campfire toasting up some smores. While these mini delights take us back to being a kid their sophistication has been enhanced to take the childhood smores to a new level.

The Mallow Chocolate Graham minis feature a graham cracker cupcake with a thick dark chocolate ganache filling and layer and topped with a made from scratch (yes, egg whites and sugar base) toasted marshmallow frosting. 

Enjoy the process!

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