Showerhead and Plumbing Robot

Introduction: Showerhead and Plumbing Robot

About: Be limited only by your imagination.

The Creature was cobbled from an old shower head, unused fittings from a gas fireplace, the top of an Eddie Bauer Watch box, some wire and some shrink tube. The arms and hands are made of wire and can hold a sign.

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Step 1: Material and Tools Needed

  • Material
    • Top of Eddie Bauer Watch Box or any platform that can mount the Creature and the electronics underneath
    • Perfboard
    • Wire
    • 330 ohm resisters from Radio Shack (5)
    • 9V Battery
    • 9V Battery clip
    • Velcro to attach Battery
    • Hot glue to attach perfboard and to create a diffuser lens for the multicolor LED
    • 5-minute Epoxy to glue the parts together
    • Solder
    • Thick Copper Wire for the arms and hands
    • Shrink tubing for the LED's and to create the "bug eyes"
    • Old Showerhead
    • Small switch
    • Joe Knows Electronics 5mm Clear Red LED (25 Pack) HQ (From Amazon 25 for 5.99)
    • Bluecell 50 pcs RGB Full Multi color Flashing LED Electronics 5mm (From Amazon 50 for $1.87)
  • Tools Used
    • Soldering Gun
    • Pliers to pull wires thru the hardware
    • Drill to drill pilot holes for the arms and the base
    • Heat gun for shrink tubing

Step 2: Building the Circuit

The circuit design is in the first picture. Basically you are using resistors to step down the voltage to the LED's. There are many internet resources to help you figure out the resistance needed for various LED's and batteries. This is a good one Calculate Resistor Values for Various LED's and Batteries

Everything is soldered to the perfboard including the miniature switch. The battery is attached using Velcro.

The LED's have shrink tube to insulate the leads. You draw the wire up thru a hold in the box top and then thru the hardware for the eyes. The blinking nose has a dollop of hot glue to act as a diffuser.

Step 3: Making the Hands

Two pilot holes are drilled into the pipe and then copper wire becomes the Creature's arms. The fingers are smaller pieces of solder and I used duct tape to hold them in place while I soldered them together.

Step 4: Add a Message Card

You can create a message card and change it for the occasion.

It was fun making this Creature out of old parts from my junk bin. Obviously you will use different parts and you are limited only by your imagination.

Have fun building your own Creature!

And Thanks Mama Minion!

Step 5: Showerhead Robot: the Movie!

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