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What meat-eating man wouldn't like a broiled cheese-melty, sauce dripping two hander meatball sandwich? The best part is that the described man can make it himself!  Enjoy!

Step 1: Ingredients

3 cans of crushed tomatoes
2 cloves of garlic minced
1 tsp of dried basil (fresh is better but too pricey for me).
 1 tbsp oil
1 tsp of dried oregano
1 tbsp onion powder
1 tsp salt

**You could just buy spaghetti sauce but it's not the same for me. Plus there's no HFCS sneaking into your food.

1 lb lean ground beef
1 egg
1/4 c Italian style breadcrumbs
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp salt

*Should make 12 - 18 meatballs depending on size. Mine are the size of a ping pong ball.

Lots of mozzarella cheese!
1 baguette or 2 depends on how many you're feeding. 

Step 2: Sauce Was a Breeze to Make.....

Using a dutch oven pot, on medium heat, add oil, sauté the garlic for about 30 seconds. Be careful, do not let the garlic burn or turn too brown because they will become bitter. Lower the heat if they start to turn brown too fast. Add the 3 cans of tomato sauce, basil, oregano and salt. Let it simmer on medium low. If it starts to bubble and splatter, lower the heat, it should be a gentle bubbling.

Step 3: Shaping Balls

Okay, now for the meat. In a good sized bowl add all of your meatball ingredients and start mixing with your hands. Make sure all of your ingredients are well blended. It should feel like play-doh. Start making little balls. I pinch off some meat, and start shaping it into a ball in my hands, making circular motions. Once all of your meat has turned into meatballs, carefully drop them into your bubbling sauce. By this time, the sauce is hot enough to start cooking your meatballs. I let this cook for at least half an hour, giving it a stir about every 10 minutes. After half an hour has passed, check a meatball. Pull one out with a slotted spoon and cut it in half. Is it pink? How's the flavor? Is it yummy?

Step 4: Baguette Inlay & Broil

You've waited the half hour and now  your meatballs are ready for baguette inlay. Slice your baguette lengthwise. You could butter up the bread and add some dried basil and garlic powder, if you want. I didn't this time because I was so freaking hungry. Dig a little bit of a well in your baguette to ensure that the meatballs won't roll off. Place your meatballs in the baguette and top with mozzarella cheese. Be generous too. Slide those bad boys under the broiler and pull them out once the cheese is golden bubbly and the bread is toasty perfect, about 2-5 minutes. Keep watching, do not walk away from the oven, not even to get the phone. I didn't listen to my own advice because I was watching t.v.  They were still delicious.  Prepare yourself for awesomeness! Eat with a side salad to make it you know, "healthy."



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6 years ago on Introduction

I'm someone who has a hard time cooking and i think even I could follow these instructions, thank you

1 reply

Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for the nice reply! I used to write instruction manuals at my old job so I take writing instructions very seriously, even with the quirky remarks.


8 years ago on Introduction

my daughter invited me over for meatball sandwichs one evening, her husband is a pretty good cook so I was expecting something like what you made, unfortunately it was my daughter doing the "cooking".. a bag of frozen meatballs heated in a canned sauce in the crockpot.. at least this atempt of hers was edible.....

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8 years ago on Introduction

hoooooollllyyyy friiiikkiinnggg crap i would beyour eternal SLAVE for that tasty looking sub.

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Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Slavery was abolished some time ago...but they're pretty easy to make. Thanks for the compliments. Try it.


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

No need to get huffy, it's a freaking sandwich. I'm the woman who made them and yes I love meatball subs too. I'm trying to teach those who can't cook (like my husband) through simple instructions. I'm not trying to make a statement.


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

I'm all for meatball subs and people learning to cook, but it still stands that women love meatball subs, too. Why limit your audience to men only? ;-)

All this talk of food has got me hungry...