Check Up on Your Personal Server With Ease

Your on your computer, flirting with some "girl" on MSN, when you realize that your server might blow up any second. Luckily you can press a simple button on your monitor and save the world. (Worse case, not getting laid scenario)

All that aside, lets get started.

If you have a personal FTP server, or any other kind of server, and you wish to check it without VNC, there is a simple fix. Your monitor.

Step 1: You Will Need:

You will need:

Two video cables, DVI or VGA, doesn't matter

A monitor that can support two inputs

A finger

A brain

Step 2: Hook Up the Cables

Now, connect the two cables. This is pretty simple, if you need any more explanation, call your doctor, you have a medical problem.

(pardon the blurry image, I sneezed when I took this picture)

Step 3: Look for and Press the "inputs" Button

On your monitor, you should see a button that mentions "inputs"

Press it until you are seeing your server screen

(I Suggest arranging your server programs, (If they're all daemons, try to find a GUI for it) So that when you flip to your server screen you can see all the critical programs running, and any debugging tools.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Sounds pretty lame, what could be a use for this? Please be specific as to what you mean by "blow up any second"

    Switching the video doesn't really serve the purpose, since there is no method to direct input to the computer. In that case a KVM might be a better option.

    Most people who would require a personal server would be running BSD or linux in text mode... Even I do, and just using SSH to do the job seems like a much better option in that case. Apart from that, I had programmed a web interface for the usual tasks earlier, and if you can do that, it only takes 5 minutes and imo thats a better way than just switching video?

    Also people like me, who keep the server in an isolated room and the house is on wifi, this is just not feasible.

    Its a decent instructable, not exactly useful since I can't really think of a suitable audience... IMO this is only a showcase of a specific feature.

    5 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, we've been using xrdp on a linux cluster so that the windows users can connect to it without requiring VNC.
    Unlike VNC, xrdp even works if the runlevel isn't the graphic one.


    I think i should change the name, i really mean  "Just check up on it" meaning to see if everything is running smoothly. If you see something wrong, like a database table error, then you could take further action.