Mandalorian Gauntlet




Introduction: Mandalorian Gauntlet

About: Few words about me: I'm really interestеd in literature and different handmade things

Materials you need:
1. Toilet brushes
2. Packages out of Christmas toys
3. Paint
4. Lots of glue
5. Imagination
6. Cardboard
7. PVC

Step 1: Toilet Brushes

You need to make them as long as you need

Step 2: Main Part

Make different guns and whatever you want, this depends on your imagination

Step 3: Make It Better

Step 4: Open and Close

Use long door hinges to make your gauntlet be able to open and close. One of hinges must be folding

Step 5: Finishing

When it's finished- paint it

I wish you good luck in your craft.

P.S sorry for poor English

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what are these toilet brushes you're showing? the scrubs that my mom gets for toilet washing come in sealed plastic bags, inside boxes. where do I get these ones?

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Sorry for not answering, haven't saw your comment. Something like this, any store with things for house