Manders How to Make an Xbox Live Account



Introduction: Manders How to Make an Xbox Live Account

This shows you how to make an Xbox 360 live account and also shows how to make an avatar.

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Step 1: Turn on the Xbox

First make sure all cords are plugged in. Including the power pack cord and the TV cord. Next push the silver power button to turn on the Xbox. Then plug in or turn on your controller. 

Step 2: My Xbox

Once the xbox is on go to my xbox. This if you have the updated one with the avatar options. If  not the menu need will pop up. Next go to create profile. If you already have on go to your profile and click swith profiles this will allolw you to make a new profile. This will lead you to a page that says enter in gamertag.

Step 3: Enter in Your Gamertag

You are on the page that says enter your gamertag. This is your name for xbox live. You can have any name you want but the is restrictions set by mircosoft that you have to fallow. This includes no innappropriate things. You get 3 free one months with every Xbox 360. Xbox live allows you to play and to talk to people over the internet. You must have a wireless adaptor or a ethernet cord plugged into your xbox to get internet.     

Step 4: Avatars

After you have hit done with your gamer tag it will make you pick a avatar. First you have to pick one out of the 20 pages of them they give you. Then they will allow you to customize it an way you want. It allows you to pick the hair, clothes and other accessories. after you have created it you are done you can save and exit and now can play games on that profile.   

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