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Introduction: Mandolin Strap

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I want to apologize for the poor picture quality.
This is a strap for mandolin, but can easily be made for all instruments

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Step 1: Supplies

You will need;
Rope (I use paracord)
And marker
Optional: Lighter or open flame

Step 2: Connectors

Cut out 2 squares approximately 2x1in

Step 3: Cut Holes

Cut 2 slots in the leather (lengthwise not widthwise)

Step 4: Thread Rope

Thread the rope through one hole and tie it back on its self. The other hole will connect to the mandolin. Do this on ONE SIDE ONLY

Step 5: Cut the Shoulder Piece

Cut a piece about 2in wide and long enough to easily cover your shoulder

Step 6: Cut and Thread the Shoulder Strap

Cut to holes, go from underneath so the rope is running along the top and back to the bottom

Step 7: Find Out Where to Tie the Knot

Thread the rope through the connector and attach it to mandolin. Tighten to where you want it and mark it

Step 8: Tie a Knot to Hold It in Place

Repeat step 4. After you've done this it is finished, although you can fuse the end of the rope if you so chose.

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