Manga Bedside Tables



Bedside tables covered with decoupage using manga (To Love-Ru).

Step 1: Materials Required

- cheap bedside tables
- cutter
- scissors
- paintbrush
- manga comics
- plastic bowl
- glue
- Clear wood finish
- water

Step 2: Get Started

First you have to disassemble the bedside.
Now you cut out the pictures of comics, you must not stay too long to choose, should be random, there must have large, small, with written (BOOM!, SPLASH!, GULP!).
Using glue diluted with water (5 to 1), you paste the image you want to share the table cover. I covered the top and two drawers.
Now you have even spread of glue over the images.

When the pieces of the table will be completely dry, you will need to cover with two coats of clear wood finish

Step 3: End Work



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