Mangalitza Pork on the Charcoal Grill

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A great little walk through on cooking some great pork chops on the BBQ.

I'm luckily enough to have a great butcher who source Managlitza/Mangalitsa pork locally in the East Midlands, so got these chops to cook on the BBQ to help pass on the message of just how good they are.

The fat on this animal is famed throughout the world and is naturally one of the tastiest things you'll try, even without seasoning. The rendered fat is best conserved and used for a number of other foods.

As the chops were quite thick and contained a lot of fat that needed rendering I grilled for several minutes each side before moving to an indirect heat allowing the pork to reach approx. 150-160F then rested for 5mins before serving with vegetables (sliced courgettes cooked in butter).

As always enjoy!

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