Mangalore From 'The 5th Element'




Introduction: Mangalore From 'The 5th Element'

I work in a school as a Design & Technology Technician and enjoy designing and making things.

Here is my 3D printable design of one of my favourite characters from 'The 5th Element'

Designed in 'Sculptris' and the exported and saved as an Stl. file.

Step 1: Files

Included here are the files for printing, now when I printed him I rushed to remove the support and broke the ends of his ears, so included are the ears file just in case you have the same problem.

Step 2: Printed

Here as you can see the printed Mangalore minus the ends of his ears. Lots of detail in this one, so best settings for the detail and hopefully you get a nice print.

Step 3: And Paint

And here he is painted with the ears attached. I used acrylic paints over a grey plastic prime to get this result.

if you don't have a 3D printer you can contact me or use

or some other 3D printing bods.

Enjoy and thanks for looking




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    5 Discussions

    The Creature is called a Mangalore

    Hope that helps

    Mangalore is the species!

    Manglore means ???

    Yep he is the negotiator :)

    Is this the one that does the negotiating? Or do those ones get a special medal?