Mango-Dished Gelatin Dessert

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Surplus of mangoes? Save some of the shells to use for summer-y little gelatin dishes!


Mango shells

Gelatin mix (I used orange) & boiling water

Cool Whip


I also used:

Extra peach juice

Peach sparkling water

Blueberries (optional)

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Step 1: Prep the Mangoes

Halve & empty the mangoes of most of the fruit.

Freeze the halves. You can arrange them in a cake pan to freeze.

Step 2: Gelatin

Once the mango shells are frozen, prepare the gelatin according to the package instructions. I used leftover peach juice & sparkling peach water for the cold water part (plus a little extra peach juice to use it up).

Pour the mixed gelatin in each mango shell.

Refrigerate & allow to set.

Put the Cool Whip in the refrigerator to soften while the gelatin sets.

Step 3: Cool Whip

Once the gelatin has set, spread Cool Whip on top. It should be easier if the Cool Whip has softened a little bit.

Step 4: Blueberries

Add blueberries on top the Cool Whip (optional).

Refrigerate if you don't eat it right away. :)

Enjoy your treat, & if you make it, be sure to tag @TheFischLife on Instagram (& @Instructables too!).

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