Mango Jalapeno Jello Shots

Introduction: Mango Jalapeno Jello Shots

These are a super easy variety of jello shot I've made a couple of time for parties. I can't handle spice, but I'm told they're pretty intense, and they always go quickly, so I decided to share a really quick tutorial on how to make them. 

Step 1: What You'll Need

Like most jello shot recipes, especially a basic one like this, all you need is: 

Mango Jello
Jalapeno Vodka (I infuse my own)
Mixing Bowl 

For when the jello is cooling, I use condiment cups or jello shot cups. I found them at my local Liquor Barn, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find them wherever you are. 

Step 2: Straining the Jalapeno Vodka

I use freshly infused Jalapeno vodka, so my first step is to separate the components. I like to use my own because I can control the spiciness and the quality. I have another Instructable on how to infused vodka--it's super easy. 

I've included a brief show of what straining the vodka looks like--it's pretty self explanatory, but the pictures were sort of cool looking. 

Step 3: Boil Water

For this recipe, you will need one cup of vodka and one cup of hot water. I use slightly more than a cup to allow for some to be boiled off. 

Step 4: Mix

I put the jello in the bowl first, then stir in the hot water. Stir for a few minutes until the jello has been liquified. Then pour in the cold vodka. 

Sorry for the lack of exciting pictures, but to be honest, there's really no exciting way to take photos of stirring water. 

Step 5: Send Off to the Fridge

Finally, once the mixture is liquidy and clump free, pour it into your preferred mold. 

I would show you my strategy, but I ended up with a sticky, spicy and sweet counter and more of the mix on the counter than in the cups. So you should probably ignore my strategy of running and gunning my way through pouring jello. 

The jello will set in about three hours (in our super cold fridge) but I would recommend leaving them over night. They will eventually go bad, and get all hard and gross, but that takes about a week. 

Good luck! 

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