Mango Pickle

Introduction: Mango Pickle

In India, pickle is an essential item in main meals, for lunch and dinner. And Indians prefer homemade pickles, which they used to learn from their ancestors, there are not so many books on pickles making. The recipes pass throw generation after generation by watching and following the instructions of elder most person of the family to next generation. One more interesting thing is that we, Indians used to use organic preservatives like MUSTARD OIL, LEMON JUICE etc. to preserve and keep under sunlight to mature pickles.

India is within the tropical region, so most of the parts of India used to get enough sunlight and heat from the sun throughout the year.Therefore, Indians used to dry and sterilized fruits, vegetables, pickles etc. mostly under sunlight, even pickle jars or bottles are also dried and sterilized under sunlight only.

Step 1: Ingredients :

1. Raw mango

2. Mustard Oil

3. Mustard seeds

4. Fenugreek seeds

5. Onion seeds

6.Cummin seeds

7. Coriander seeds

8. Fennel seeds

9. Dry red chillis

10. Turmeric powder

11. Salt

12. Asafoetida powder

Step 2: Cutting & Drying

  • Cut the raw mango into cubic shapes with the peel.
  • Then apply turmeric powder on the mango pieces. And
  • let dry its moisture under sunlight.

Step 3: Dry Roasting

Dry roast all spices:

  1. Mustard seeds
  2. Fenugreek seeds
  3. onion seeds
  4. Cummin seeds
  5. Coriander seeds
  6. Fennel seeds
  7. Dry red chillis
  8. Asafoetida powder

and ground them coarse powder.

Step 4: Final Preparation

  • Allow the oil to hot up to the smoking point, then let it cool till the temperature comes down to room temperature.
  • Now coarsely ground spices, salt, turmeric powder are mixed very well
  • Then add tempered oil to moist the mixture.
  • In this mixture add mango pieces and mix very well.
  • Then shift the spice coated mango pieces into a jar and fill the jar with tempered oil up to the mark that mango should be totally submerged in the oil.
  • Finally, cover the jar with Marcelin cloth and tie it firmly.
  • Keep the MANGO PICKLE under sunlight for a fortnight to let it mature.

Then it can be preserved for years without applying any synthetic preservative.

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    That is really interesting. I have never tried pickled mangoes. That would probably be really good.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Tnaks for your acknowledgement ,and yes, It is a delicacy of Indian cousin, you may try it.