MangoCube WiFi in AP(Access Point) Mode



This Instructable shows how to Configure and use MangoCube WiFi in AP mode.

things you will need for this;

1. MangoCube WiFi or (WiFi board+ Arduino UNO/Leonardo board)
2. Mobile phone Android or iOS with Wi-Fi functionality
3. TCP terminal App for your Smart phone

Step 1: Set MangoCube WiFi to Work in AP Mode

Please check out the Step:1 of this Instructable to know how to enter MangoCube WiFi in command mode.

Once in command mode;
use following commands to set MangoCube WiFi in AP mode;

check the image for more info.

Step 2: Connect to MangoCube WiFi's Network

Once MangoCube WiFi is set up to work in AP(Access point) mode it will appear as other Wi-Fi networks that you can connect to.

check the images to know more.

Once MangoCube appears in available WiFi networks use your smart phone (Android/iOS) to connect to.

check the images to know more.

Note: By default MangoCube connection is open(unsecured) if you want you can set security parameters, please refer to user manual.

Step 3: TCP Terminal App

Use any TCP Terminal App suitable for your OS (i.e. Android/iOS)
SocketClient App for Android is used in this example.

Then Connect with following parameters;

Server IP :
Port : 8899

Once connected the MangoCube WiFi and Smart phone works in Serial connection, meaning Data send from TCP Terminal App will be received by MangoCube WiFi and vice versa.



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