Manicure at Home: Get Beautiful and Attractive Hands in Simple Steps

How many of us have the time to pamper ourselves? Considering our busy lives and manic deadlines to meet, we often ignore personal grooming, which can be one of the best ways to uplift or elevate the mood after a long day at work. For some of us, just listening the music and eating home cooked food could work wonders, but I guarantee for most women reading this article, it is “looking good” which helps them feel more confident and happy. A part of personal grooming is manicure, which in a lay man’s language means “nail care”.

Manicure is the best way to pamper your nails and make them look attractive and healthy. We often meet people with awfully cut, yellow nails and boo them for not spending enough time to their personal hygiene. You don’t want to be one of those to be ridiculed, right? Therefore, opt for various manicure options available at your nearest beauty parlors and get your nails trimmed, cleaned and manicured for beautiful hands that could work magic while typing or flaunting them at a party. I bet there will be many others (women in particular) eyeing those well manicured good-looking healthy nails.

If you’re a novice to styling yourself, you might want to take up any latest fashion magazines and see what your favorite actor has done with her nails. Manicures are just not restricted to superstars, but even a homemaker can get her nails done at of course much cheaper price than in a fancy parlor. There are various types of manicures that you can opt for. Some of them are as follows:

French Manicure
French manicure is the most subtle and the sexiest way to get your nails dressed up for any occasion. It could be your wedding or a normal day at work, the nude nails with a clean and snow-white nail polish is a total hit with ladies of all age groups.

French Manicure with a Twist
Instead of the classic nude and white, you can choose from palette of colors from a bold red or a jet black to sport on the tip of your nails. It looks funky and needs a well trimmed nails to look awesomely even.

Nail Art
Nail Art is the most popular ways for any teenager to stand out from the crowd. You can choose nail art stickers to have them painted with various designs and add Swarovski. Get your nails pierced or use airbrushes, they do make a style statement.

American style of manicure
Americans, as they are, very subtle and not so over the top, they like their nails to be nicely buffed with a lighter shade of white (more like beige) at the tip of the nails, unlike the French manicure which has jet white on the tip.

Simple nail polishing
If you believe in simplicity and of course do not have much time, you can still get your nails look pretty with lovely nail paints available by many cosmetic companies. Make sure your nails are clean and trimmed before you apply. However, there are few simple tricks to apply nail shades such as let the nail paint dry before you apply the second layer and most importantly, make sure the fan is switched to avoid to get it smudged.

With the amount information provided about the types of manicure, you must waiting to get yourself manicured. What if you get few DIY (Do-It-Yourself) tips? Isn’t it great to have it manicured by yourself or ask a friend to help you out? More than saving few bucks, you can also have a fun time engaging into something that deals other than work for a change. There is some essential nail kit that you need like a nail filer, cotton swabs, hand and body lotion and cuticle creams. Follow the few simple steps to get the most effective and affordable manicure at home.

Step 1:

Remove the old nail paint (if you have any). Use a cotton swab and dab it with a nail polish remover. Rub gently on the nails to wipe out the paint.

Step 2:

Take a bowl of lukewarm water and soak your hands for about 10 minutes. They soften the nails and cuticles to buffer and cut out any extra ingrowths.

Step 3:

Take a nail filer and use it in the same direction. It helps to even out the tip and make it look neater and well trimmed. You can file it in round or square shape, whichever you think suits your hands the most.

Step 4:

Push back the cuticles. Soaking them in warm water makes them easy to get rid of. In case you face problems, apply some cuticle moisturizer for aiding the process.

Step 5:

Take your favorite hand moisturizing lotion and massage your hands well. It is advisable to use an exfoliator that helps to get rid of dry skin and dead cells. Massage with hand creams is a great idea to release the nerve tension and also make it soft and supple.

Step 6:

Pick a nice nail polish color and apply the first coat and let it dry.

Step 7:

If you wish to have a deeper color, apply the second coat. Make sure you let the first layer dry out first for a neater finish and shiny nail paint.

Step 8:

To get a glossy nails, apply a coat of clear nail polish over the nail paint (after it dries).

Thus, your manicure at home is finished with great looking nails. You can also try out various types of manicures explained above to get a very professional manicure finish.



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