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Introduction: Manliest Diaper Genie

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Stinky diapers ruining the vibes in your man cave? Too many skunky beers reeking in your kitchen? What about that week old anchovy pizza?

Want to be your wife's greatest hero? Build her the manliest odor crushing man-can ever.

Step 1: Manly Supplies

It's time to go shopping for the manliest trash can you can heft thru the store. You'll need a marker, permanent is best. You will also need something sharp, while your trusty hatchet may be tempting, I suggest scissors. You may have to concede and borrow your wife's pink hot glue gun and some sticks. For the odor eating part, you'll need a packet of activated charcoal(you can find it with the fish tank stuff) and a crisper liner/drawer liner, in the manliest shade of green possible.

Step 2: Some Assembly Required...

1. Lay the packet of activated charcoal on the inside of the lid.
2. Lay the crisper liner on the lid and trace the inside rim with your marker. Make sure to leave a space to be able to slide the charcoal packet in.
3. Cut the line you just traced... No, not with your hatchet...

Step 3: Lay Down the Flamethrower Rambo

The acetylene torch is a bit too hot for this job, so set it aside.
1. Plug in your wife's sexy pink glue gun(she may or may not read this).
2. Lay the cut out piece of crisper lining in the inside of the lid again. Fit it in and center it.
3. Use the glue gun to run a bead of glue around the outer edge of the liner. Make sure you leave enough of a space to slide the activated charcoal packet in.
Side note, don't let the lid down till the glue is dry or it will seal itself shut.

Step 4: Crush Odor With Your Manliness.

Look up a diaper genie, you've just built a much cooler product that's much cheaper to use. Give this manly diaper odor destroying trashcan to your buddy with a new baby.

Trade out your reeking kitchen trashcan with this Corvette of a can.

Change the activated charcoal every few months to keep up the freshness.

And enjoy your new found odor crushing man-can.


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