Manly Minute # 1: Make a Baby Sleep





Introduction: Manly Minute # 1: Make a Baby Sleep

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One of the many skills a manly man needs to know how to do is how to make a baby sleep. This technique works well for me, and it can eventually lead to teaching a young baby how to fall asleep by themselves. You can't rush this process, if you are feeling stressed or angry it won't work.

I am happy to take requests for other manly skills, and show how to do them in 1 minute movies.



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    a.k.a. "How to make daddies wish they could have a few more minutes when their kids were still little babies". Sweet!

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    I'm already missing the times when she was a brand new born. It's crazy how fast they grow. Guess we'll just have to have more :)

    This was adorable, and worthy of sequels! How about, how to thank someone for a gift?