Manly Nesting Doll





Introduction: Manly Nesting Doll

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need 2 45 bullets, 1 22, 1 9, and 1 40 (mind you estimates you can expirament with others remember safety first

Step 2: First

Take one 45 and put the 40 in it

Step 3: Second

Then put the 9 in there

Step 4: Third

Then the 22

Step 5: Last

Last but not least put the other 45 on top like so

Step 6: Playing

You can do all other bullets (this is just what I had Layin around



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    3 Discussions

    I know I got confused and stuff haha lol

    Actually, you're using shells or cases... not bullets.

    If it were going to be a Manly Russian Nesting Doll I guess you'd have to use Russian ammo huh