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My son and I decided to make the ultimate Man's Picnic Basket. We took the basic components for a picnic; Picnic Basket, Ziploc containers, Picnic Blanket, and a little something extra... A custom made 2.1 HiFi stereo sound system for the music device.

Step 1: Parts

Picnic Basket and Blanket
Ziploc Containers
Small Amplifier (2.1 HiFi Stereo)
Power Supply
Mounting hardware
Wire and Soldering tools

Step 2: Mounting Speakers

Lay out the speakers on the lids of the containers.
Mark your mounting holes and I used a drain plate to make the holes for the sound ports. I used my drill to make them.

Step 3: Amplifier Placement

I mounted the amp on top of the base speaker to protect it.
Made all the wire connections then connected the power supply and music device

Step 4: Louisiana Gumbo

I made some Louisiana Gumbo and enjoyed my picnic with incredible sound. The Ziploc containers really improve the sound quality.

Step 5: New Battery Install

I purchased a smaller and thinner battery so all items now fit inside. I also repurposed a 12v 2amp wall adapter to have other power source and charger.



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    You bet. The 2 6v batteries, I have, are too big. I will probably visit Batteries Plus to find something smaller. It may be a while. I am glad you like the instructible


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Currently it is a 12v 2A wall plug. I will be installing 2 6v batteries and wire it in series. I was just throwing it together to show my son the sound difference with closed system versus open. The base really makes a difference.