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Introduction: Man's Shirt to a Blouse

This instructable is more as an inspiration for you, because it is almost impossible to make it the same as I did. But I hope you'll like it and it will help you to remake your shirt.

You'll need:
1) oversized man's shirt,
2) lots of pins,
3) scissors,
4) thread and sewing machine,
5) some cool buttons,
6) dressmaker manikin (about your size),
7) artistic mood!

So let's get started!

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Step 1: Start Pinning

Put your oversized shirt on the manikin and start pinning. I started from the shoulder, made three folds and continued pinning down the front. When I was done with the front, I pinned the back starting from the shoulder. Then I made a bust dart (fold), which continues  from front to back.
That's basically all I did to make one side fitted.
I didn't measure anything, I improvised, so the folds are not even.

Step 2: Remove the Pocket

Almost every man's shirt has a chest pocket. But we don't need it, because we're girls :) and it interferes to make the folds on the left side of the shirt.
So you rip it off! But don't throw it away, you'll need it later. Clear all the little threads and go on with pinning.

Step 3: Continue Pinning

I started pinning folds on the left side of the shirt from the shoulders as well. Here I did measure - the distance from center to the folds on the right side of the shirt and then I marked this distance on the left side. And pinned all three folds on the front and back, and the bust dart on the side.

Step 4: Try the Blouse On

Now I suggest you to try on the blouse. If it's too loose or too tight, you can adjust it now. When you're satisfied with the fit and look of the blouse, you can thread you sewing machine and start sewing all the folds.

*Tip: don't sew over the pins, because it can damage pins, sewing machine,  it's needle and you (if the needle breaks). Remove the  pin shortly before the needle reaches that point, where the pin is. In the photo you can see the pin, which I removed after the shot was taken.

Step 5: Replace the Buttons

Take off those boring classic white shirt buttons and replace them with some bright modern buttons.
Also I unripped the label on the back of the shirt, because it disturbed me a lot.

Step 6: Now - the Sleeves

The shirt's sleeves are too big for me, of course. So I pinned them freely and artistically. They're not symmetrical, and that's the most interesting thing about them.
When you're done pinning the sleeves, sew the small folds about 2 cm only, so they stay puffy.

Step 7: Remember the Pocket?

Remember that chest pocket, that we ripped off? Now you take it, cut the sides off to make it smaller and pin it on the back of the blouse! Sew it on and add the same button as on the front of the blouse. I sewed the button through the blouse and the pocket, so no one could open it and put in something :)

Step 8: Ready to Rock It!

After you have sewn every fold and button, you're ready to rock your new blouse!

Hope you enjoyed this instructable and hope it'll help you making some blouses out of men's shirts!

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    3 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is too cute! I love men's shirts because of the fabric, which is hard to find in women's shirts. I have wanted to make a shirt over, but could not find a way to make it fit well. Thanks mdr7!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    That is really cute, I gave up when trying to fix the sleeves - I'll have to try your way next time. Well done, thanks for sharing this.


    This is adorable! The pleating came out really well. Thanks for the post!