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Introduction: Manual Bandsanding Like a PRO

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For my next project there's a lot of sanding to do.

'A lot' means hours & hours, curves, corners, holes etc. - the stuff that's not easy & undoable with classic powered sanding tools.

The only way to do it properly is with sanding 'ribbons' or bands.

Problem with these things is that they are relatively short and that they become uncomfortable after a while.

So instead of continuing the job the way it was I searched for a way to make the process more efficient - you're a rebel or you're not.

For some reason my backpack was hanging around in my workshop and that gave me inspiration for this hack.

Simple, cheap & useful.

Sometimes I even surprise myself.

Step 1: Load Straps

Grab a couple (2) load straps - is this really the correct term? - and cut them about 30cm from that-metal-piece-I-don't-know-the-name.

Wanna burn the edges? Burn the edges!

Step 2: Sanding Paper

Since you're going to do a lot of sanding some real sanding paper might be useful.

Tear down as much strips as you need.

And some more since it's just fun doing this and also because you always need more than you thought..

Step 3: A + B

Insert the strip in that metal-piece - TEETH against GRIT - and believe it or not but you already have the job done.

Step 4: Man at Work

What to say? Happy sandiiiiiiiiiiing!!!



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    Thank u for the info!!!, new for me...

    What about using an electric hacksaw and a spring on the other side... ???

    The straps are called camstraps, most commonly used for whitewater boating (but super useful in general). Awesome idea!

    Hi, Great Idea, But do you really have to cut the straps? Can't you just fold them up, put a couple elastics around them and voila handles, and can be used again for that bending project..

    Great idea. I like the simplicity.

    You might also find a bow sander useful for the work you do. There are plenty of examples on the net but the concept is simple enough.

    1 reply

    Fantastically simple but effective idea!
    Aren't these often the best?
    Thanks for sharing.

    1 reply

    I totally agree! The most difficult challange is doing things the simple as possible!

    Awesome! This will come in handy for my crafting.

    1 reply

    Great innovation. Already used it on another Instructables project I'm doing. Thanks. Easy peasey and works perfectly.

    1 reply

    I have a stair case with round pole banisters rails that are like rough corn cobs. I have been dreading the thought of sanding them. Thanks!

    1 reply

    Lots of courage with your project - sanding that kind of poles is a pain...

    super clever! I hate sanding.
    I thought you were making angry birds.