Manuscript Invite in Less Than 1$




Introduction: Manuscript Invite in Less Than 1$

Hi, I wanted to make a custom invite for my Halloween party so
I thought of this idea. It is cheap, fast and really easy to make
and looks great. It took me hardly five minutes to make it.
This method makes the paper look very old like a manuscript.
Hope you like it and enjoy making it.

Step 1: You Will Need Only.......

Coffee solution (powdered coffee mixed with water)
A paintbrush

Step 2: Making It

Tear the edges of the paper and make some holes in it to make it look withered. You can also burn the edges. Next, spread the coffee solution on both sides of the paper using the paintbrush. Put it in the oven at 270 degrees until dry. You can write anything on it. This is also a great idea for school projects. Your invite is ready!

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    Nice project~ I will try this sometime~ Congrats on being finalist~


    2 replies

    This is really cool. The finished paper looks perfectly old and antique. Great effect!