Many Flash Drive Casings, Some Are Worth a Look

Introduction: Many Flash Drive Casings, Some Are Worth a Look

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Ther'es alot here, some of which I havn't posted.

The Metal one in particular is great, it's not the prettiest cover in the world but it's tough, with a heavy parcel tape wrapping and tippex underneath that it's capable of surviving water. The metal case i made for a sqare tube of aluminium that was part of a BBQ lighter shaped like a big match, It was the squeezed to shape with pliers... It's been stood on multiple times and I'm tempted to try running it over with the car.

The flash drive savers are all here and a new addition to that for your favourite brand of cigarette, don't know what it is but smoking paraphernalia is great for flash drives...

I just realised I should add this to the holiday contest (not amazing I know) but in terms of gifts some of these are really personalisable, like the one from a cigarette packet (their favourite brand...)



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    12 Discussions, that reminds me of something my sister would ill take pics soon(porbably be posted Wed) i want to sand off the labels and junk....its pretty cool cuz its clear so itll diffuse the LEDs....

    i made this really cool one where i just made it a rubber band ball. it really easy and all you need to but is wrap rubber bands around it. ant it bounces. XD

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    The green apple one was surprisingly hard to do as the apple is made from foam, theres alot of glue inside to make it rigid (the foam is closed cell but I came up with a technique to rip the cell up then glue them to the drive so it stays in and is probably pretty waterproof, that's why it has it's own instructable...