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Introduction: 15 Years of Birthday Cakes

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I am thoroughly impressed by all the cakes already on this site. I wish I had the time to make some of these extraordinary masterpieces, but usually I end up baking late at night on the birthday's eve, then desperately, right before serving, I try to put something vaguely attractive together while keeping the kids fingers out of the frosting bowl and the dog away from the chocolate crumbs. The results are uneven (literally), but at least it's quite obvious to everyone that these are all home-made cakes....

Here is a selection of snapshots from the past few years which I hope might inspire other last-minute bakers.

If you look closely, you'll see that one of these cakes has been reproduced on paper: I designed a pop-up paper cake slice, which you can download from my website. Not quite as tasty as the original, but it keeps much longer!



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2 years ago

Come on now, post photos of your cakes in the comments! I KNOW you made these too....

For the first time and for a brief moment I considered giving myself up for adoption ;) What a lovely pictures, thank you for sharing!

Thanks! One of my favorite shots it the "Sweet 14" cake. After years of pure joy, not even a cake will remove the sour face off a teenager...

Oh, you are definitely not the only "last-minute" baker. I don't think I have ever made a cake yet that wasn't done the night before. Sometimes I would get organized and bake the cake a couple of weeks ahead, wrap it up, put it int the freezer.... and forget to decorate it until the night before.

The part about the "uneven" results made me smile because it reminds me of the cakes my mom used to make for me. No matter how hard she tired, they somehow always ended up lopsided. But, like you said, they were "obviously homemade", which is better than any store bought cake.

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Yup. No matter how lopsided, nothing will ever beat a home-made cake. It's weird, there's something so emotional about cakes, more than any other form of cooking. It's like an expression of pure love. No wonder they're such an important feature of weddings! I don't know if it's because of the obvious time and effort which must be put into it, the ceremony involved in the presentation, or both, but cakes invoke strong feelings and memories...

By the way, it wasn't your mother's fault -- she just had a bad oven....

Oh no, it wasn't the oven. It was mom. I used the same oven for my cakes, still am using it to this day, and my cakes come out fine. But now the door doesn't seal properly anymore and it doesn't heat evenly, so it's a lot harder to bake anything in it.

They are all so beautiful! What a bunch of lucky cake recipients!