Map Wrapping Paper

Introduction: Map Wrapping Paper

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Map Wrapping Paper!

This Instructable is so simple that I thought twice about posting it!

Though it is so effective and I don't know anyone else who does it. It costs no money and reuses something that would be thrown away, its worth it for that.

I hope by sharing this Instructable that you may give it a go.

I am entering this in the Hand Tools Only competition as all you need is a pair of scissors. So if you like it or it inspired you then I would love to have your vote. Just click the vote button above or go to the competition page.


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Step 1: Get an Old Map

Get an old map and use it to wrap up a present!

Simple though very effective. Maps are so wonderfully graphical and seeing them in an unusual situation as the wrapping for a present makes the present more surprising.

I have been using an old road map that was out of date and had a number of key pages missing, we all have them kicking around in the car foot well some place.

I have worked my way up the UK over the past couple years and am now in Scotland. Such a beautiful country and one that I was very fortunate to live in for a few years.

Okay here we go....tear it out, trim the ragged edge and wrap up your present and you are done!

Please give it a go, works nearly as well with newspaper and magazines.

If you have enjoyed this I would really appreciate your vote for this Instructable in the Hand Tools Only Competition.

You can check outIts a Rubbish Challenge for more great projects and I am sure I will post some more here on Instructables in the near future.

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