Marble Cannon




Nick & Tyler

Step 1: Gather Materials

Tension spring

3/4 inch PVC pipe

Wooden 3/4 inch dowel

Zip ties, wooden base, door hinge

7 screws

Cannon support wood

45 degree block

Step 2: Assembling

Using the door hinge attach the wood base to the canon support wood.

Step 3: Cutting

Cut PVC pipe to ~45cm and then cut dowel rod 10cm out of the back of the PVC pipe and 2 cm out of the pipe.

Step 4: Attaching PVC Pipe

Set PVC pipe on top of the canon support wood and zip tie as tight as possible.

Step 5: Creating Angles (Optional for Precision)

Use protractor to measure angles in increments of 5 degrees (starting at 45 degrees) and drill hole for each to hold the 45 degree block.

Step 6: Attach Spring

Drill a screw into cannon support wood about half way up the PVC pipe. Then, drill a screw in the tip of the dowel rod and attach both ends of the spring.

Step 7: Create Increments on Dowel Rod (Optional for Precision)

Step 8: Get an a on Your Marble Cannon Project

Succeed at life and don't die.

P.S. we luv u mr b




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