Marble Cannon

Introduction: Marble Cannon

Do you want to build a marble cannon? Do you have Mr.Bodenschatz? If you follow these steps you will get a good grade too! - Grace and Faith


- desired length PVC pipe

-desired wood sizes (including 2 2x4)

-2 springs

-screws, washers, and nuts

-dole rod ( desired length)

- 2 metal pieces

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Step 1: Building the Base

Grab a large flat piece of wood (meeting size requirements) and screw your 2x4s into place.

Step 2: Attaching the Pipe

Attach your pipe in between the 2x4s with a stabilizer in the middle.

Step 3: Getting It to Fire

Put your metal pieces around the pipe and put in screw washer and nut into each side. On the end of the firing mechanism put the dowel rod inside pipe with piece of wood on end, put a screw into each side and then attach springs to each side.

Step 4: Math Calculations

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