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Introduction: Marble Note Holder

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Something you may not have seen before...

I used 6/4 mulberry for the top portion and a scrap piece of 1/4 oak veneered MDF. Added a piece of acrylic and the marbles and you get a nice note holder.

I then recessed a couple of rare earth magnets and you've got a pretty simple project.

I'm thinking that I'll make the next one a bit smaller and sized for note pads. (this used 1/2 sheets of regular letter stock) Plus you could route a channel on the top for your pencil...

Anyway, thanks for looking.



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    What a slick idea, thanks for sharing, you've got me thinking of other cool applications for this awesome project.

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    An elegant solution, and a great video (although it freaks me out a little to see someone working that quickly on power tools, even though I know the video is sped up). Thanks for sharing!

    My mind is officially boggled. I was thinking about trying to make a clipboard using marbles not two days ago. Unfortunately, since I'm a complete tyro when it comes to woodworking (but I'm learning!) I couldn't figure it out. So a hearty THANKS! for posting this 'table!

    Really slick, and I've wondered for years how such things might work. Thanks for posting.

    Similar to versions I've seen which use a wooden dowel, but this shows off the mechanism. Clever and clean design. Also, digging your youtube channel.


    4 years ago

    Great idea! I wouldn't get much done if I had this... XD